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Secure Access with Zscaler and Okta Lab as a Service


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This 3D lab will allow you to showcase Okta MFA for Secure Access to internal applications with Zscaler ZPA and apply Okta MFA for Zscaler ZIA based on user's network context and location. 
You will learn how to prevent access to the Okta App based on user location and test the real time ZIA adaptative security policy after change of user context.

Why you should try the 3D Lab:
  • Save time and money when test driving multi-vendor security solutions
  • Try out combined use cases in a flexible and reliable cloud lab
  • Test drive from the safe environment of your home office or workplace
Our virtual demo labs let you and your customers road test combined multi-vendor security solutions in specific use cases, giving practical experience of high-performance solutions in a secure, supervised environment.

Unique multi-vendor, multi-solution demo labs

  • We recognize the effort to drive customers to invest in new disruptive technologies.
  • We have created the first multi-vendor, multi-solution virtual demo lab focused on the most disruptive vendors in the market.

Serving your needs:

  • You want to see solutions in action.
  • You want to test solutions that are specific to you.
  • You want your investment to drive maximum impact.