Westcon-Comstor Academy

What is Westcon-Comstor Learning?

Westcon-Comstor Learning is a brand new and innovative learning management system, available for partners and end customers of the Westcon-Comstor Academy. The platform aggregates content, delivers training and measures impact with a powerful, scalable learning platform. Custom built to meet the needs of every learner, it’s building a learning culture to benefit the whole channel.

Global education and training expenditure is set to reach at least $10 trillion by 2030 [1] as population growth in developing markets fuels a massive expansion and technology drives unprecedented re-skilling and up-skilling in developed economies. The e-learning market alone is projected to be worth $325 billion by 2025 [2], with a quarter of learners learning solely online.

​​​​​​​Against this background we understand that learning and development is an essential role for a distributor like us. Certification and accreditation are critical to partners, our vendors and end customers. It drives the sales of vendor products, keeps individuals and organisations upskilled with the latest solutions and updates, and increases the adoption of new technology with end customers.

End customers continue to fail to recognise the full value of their technology investments. IT project failure can be as high as 70% [3], with only 1 in 8 projects meeting the functional needs of the business, on budget, or delivered on time. So one of our biggest responsibilities as a distributor is our ability to train partner and end customers.

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The answer is Westcon-Comstor Learning

Westcon-Comstor Learning is a single Learning Management System (LMS) platform that streamlines and enhances the customer learning and development experience whilst also increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

It aggregates and delivers all our internal training, partner enablement, vendor-certified courses, webinars, events and presales, and technical learning in one place. It also features our unique Lab as a Service offering, offering immersive, hands-on lab experience across a range of technology vendors.

We have enabled single sign-on for existing trading partners to have instant access to the platform.

Better for the channel

Westcon-Comstor Learning allows us to scale our learning solutions to a wider audience, aggregating all learning – both paid and free of charge – in one platform. This includes Westcon-Comstor content and certified vendor content – we currently have over 2,000 learning objects on the platform and this is growing day by day. This single portal provides a simplified and more user-friendly customer experience for you.

A better customer experience

The platform and library of content itself is really simple to use. You click a vendor logo or the title, and just filter by subject area, language, delivery type, format, time zone, course duration, etc. It’s really easy to navigate and intuitive to use, so you can find what you want and build a personalised learning plan.

You get your own secure account, with access available 24/7, 365 days a year. All courses and content are in the same place, with different learning options available, from bite-sized, free-of-charge, digital video content, to five-day, instructor-led, paid-for certification courses and let's not forget those immersive practice labs.

Personalised content

One of the key benefits is learning management and personalisation. You can store your learning history and future learning plans on the platform, and can be assigned content with or without deadlines for completion. Through our API integrations, we can track what you are watching and learning, so we can produce learning paths with certificates of completion or digital badges.

We can keep track of your progress and make sure you’re meeting milestones. For instance, if a learner is not able to successfully complete a module, we can offer supplemental resources. Reporting and analytics allow us to pinpoint areas where you excel or struggle, and where we can improve our content.