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This course has no prerequisites

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Identify and describe components of Workspace ONE and complementary software
  • Identify authentication technologies used in Workspace ONE
  • Install, configure, and validate integrated components
  • Explain integration of Workspace ONE with directory services
  • Create and explain environment group structures
  • Demonstrate end-user Workspace ONE portal configuration
  • Configure Workspace ONE registration and activation
  • Provision and secure applications
  • Apply single sign-on and multifactor authentication
  • Integrate with virtual desktop infrastructure (VMware Horizon® virtual desktops and applications)
  • Create and implement profiles, authentication policies, and role-based access controls
  • Explain and issue device commands
  • Manage email configurations
  • Integrate with content resources and provision access
  • Explain and analyze reporting and auditing
  • Apply general troubleshooting techniques
  • Implement unified endpoint management with Workspace ONE

1 Course Introduction

2 Introduction to Workspace ONE

3 Workspace ONE Consoles Overview

4 Architecture

5 Enterprise Integration Part 1

6 Enterprise Integration Part 2

7 Integrating VMware Horizon Resources

8 Unified Endpoint and Identity Management

9 Application Access and Security

10 Single Sign-On for Applications

11 Secure and Configure Endpoints

12 Email Configurations

13 Content and Resource Implementation

14 Analytics and Reporting

15 Course Conclusion

This course has no prerequisites