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Extreme Networks Training Courses & Certification

Authorized Training Partner

Westcon-Comstor Academy is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) for Extreme Networks. 


ATC partners are regulated by Extreme Networks to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality learning experience. This mandates that our delivery utilises vendor accredited courseware, qualified instructors offering real-world experience, the latest immersive digital labs and high-class facilities.


We deliver public and private instructor-led learning services, which can be delivered both face to face in a classroom, virtually online or a combination of the two. Additionally, we provide a range of digital learning solutions including e-learning.


Delivery options include the ability to support standard vendor certification, bespoke and tailored content, ensuring we meet the needs of the learner and organization.


Learn more about our delivery options and training labs


Westcon-Comstor has been awarded with the following recognitions:

- Momentum Distributor of the year 2020 - EMEA
- Global Distributor of the year 2018 and 2019 - EMEA

Westcon-Comstor Resources

Westcon Extreme Networks instructors:

We have several certified instructors, based in numerous countries through EMEA. Delivery can be completed in several languages including English, French, Spanish and Arabic. For languages outside of our core offering, contact us


Lab environment:

Our digital lab experience simulates real-life scenarios and provides learners with a safe environment to develop skills.


Extreme Networks Training Credits:

We accept Extreme Networks training credits to pay for learning services. Learn more


Additional resource capabilities:

6 - Extreme Certified Specialist (ECS)

16 – Extreme Design Specialist (EDS)


“The course was a very good help for my daily job. The instructor was a good help for this course and he knows the technique very well”. – Foyer


“Good divide between lectures and labs and plenty of time for labs and questions etc. Anything the instructor couldn't answer or fix he took offline and returned with more info/the answer.” - CNOOC Ltd

About Extreme Networks

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Extreme Networks is a networking company that designs, develops and manufactures wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment. It also develops the software for network management, policy, analytics, security and access controls. Extreme has established itself as leader in Cloud Managed Networks and is the fastest growing Cloud Managed Network provider.

Certification Overview

Extreme Networks divide their Certification Tracks into three categories:

Extreme Sales Specialist (ESS)

This certification is for people who need to understand and explain the value proposition of Extreme Networks solutions to their customers.

Extreme Design Specialist (EDS)

These certifications are for people who perform a pre-sales role and have a responsibility for product positioning and solution design.

Extreme Certified Specialist (ECS)

These certifications have been designed for those who perform a technical and deployment role providing essential skills in the areas of solution implementation, expert integration and customized consulting.


Network Management

Extreme Certified Specialist - Extreme Access Control
Extreme Certified Specialist - Extreme Management Centre
Extreme Certified Specialist – ExtremeNAC



Extreme Certified Specialist - Extreme Wireless Cloud
Extreme Certified Specialist - Extreme Wireless Cloud Troubleshooting
Extreme Certified Specialist - Extreme Wireless Core


Routing and Switching

Extreme Certified Specialist - Campus Fabric
Extreme Certified Specialist - Campus EXOS


Data Centre

Extreme Certified Specialist - Data Centre - VDX

Extreme Certified Specialist - Data Centre - SLX

Partner Program and Benefits

Extreme Partner Network (EPN) is an award-winning program focused on enabling and rewarding solution providers at all levels.
As an authorized training partner (ATP), Westcon Academy ensure that you receive the highest standards of education available and we provide you with the expertise you need to succeed.

There are 3 different levels within the Extreme Partner programme. Click here to see full details of the programme.




Benefit for the Partner


·         Growth Rebate

·         EXpertise Rebate

·         Net New Account Rebate

·         Proposal Based MDF

·         Program Level Discount + Deal Registration

·         Not for Resale Discount s

·         Partner Locator


·         EXpertise Rebate

·         Net New Account Rebate

·         Proposal Based MDF

·         Program Level Discount + Deal Registration

·         Not for Resale Discount s

·         Partner Locator


·         EXpertise Rebate

·         Net New Account Rebate

·         Program Level Discount + Deal Registration

·         Not for Resale Discount s

·         Partner Locator

Additional information

For more information about Extreme Networks products, visit:

Examinations can be sat via directly with Extreme Networks via their Dojo portal. For more information, visit: 

Extreme Networks courses

ECS Extreme Wireless Cloud - ECS-CLD
ECS Campus ExtremeXOS Switching and Routing - ECS-EXOS-1
ECS ExtremeXOS Fundamentals - EXOS-Fund-1
ECS – ExtremeWireless Cloud – Troubleshooting - ECS-CLDTRBL
ECS Campus Fabric Deploy - CFD
ECS – Data Center VDX – VCS Fabric Configuration and Implementation - ECS-VDX
ECS ExtremeNAC - NAC
ECS Extreme Management Center XMC - EMGMT-1
ECS ExtremeWireless Core - ECS-CORE
ECS Extreme Control - CTRL
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