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About us

Westcon Academy Pulse Secure instructors:

Westcon Academy has 4 instructors with the technical certifications required to offer official training courses.


Training delivery:

- Public classroom schedule

A wide selection of dates is offered for all courses. Scheduled courses are constantly-updated on the latest release and offer additionally the opportunity to share experience among participants. Every training prepares for vendor certification.


- Virtual classroom schedule

Join the class using web-based meeting software, participate in real-time 'Q & A' and access a live lab environment.  Our courses combine theory and practice, every training should always be applicable to the real world.


- Private or Tailor-made training

Conducted exclusively for you and customized and designed to accommodate each specific need. Program can be modified in terms of content and duration. Private courses can be held at your facilities, or at any other suitable.


- Self-Paced Training

Flexible online learning solution that allows you to take control of your learning – when and where you want. 

Pulse Secure courses
About Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure makes the Secure Access solutions that companies rely on to make their workforce more productive.

Every single day, our global team are innovating our products to ensure that you can dramatically boost your workers' productivity, make a smooth and secure transition to the Cloud and ensure that your networks are protected without a burden on IT.

Put simply, we are the company that is 100% focused on delivering secure access solutions for people, devices, things and services.

For years, enterprises of every size and industry have been trusting our integrated virtual private network, network access control and mobile security solutions to enable secure access seamlessly in their organizations.


The training you receive is as important as the technology itself.

The goal of the Pulse Secure Training and Certification program is to build a workforce that is skilled in all aspects of Pulse Secures network security platform—a workforce that will be recognized in the industry among an elite group of security professionals.

Our Training and Certification program provides the knowledge and skills to realize your potential to implement and maintain secure access to your organization’s resources.  In today’s global cybersecurity threat landscape, Training and Certification is crucial to the success of an organization’s cybersecurity health.

To get the best from any product, it is essential that you fully understand its features and functionality, how to deploy the product, how to provide ongoing maintenance checks, as well as troubleshooting any issues that arise.



To get the best from any product you must understand its features and functionality, know how to deploy the product and how to provide ongoing maintenance checks, as well be able to troubleshoot issues.

Pulse Secure Training Program Courses:

  • Pulse Policy Secure (PPS): Deployment, Implementation and Configuration
  • Pulse Connect Secure: Administration and Configuration
  • Pulse Secure vADC: Administration and Configuration



By obtaining a Pulse Secure Certified Technical Expert certificate, you will validate your skills and prove your ability to successfully deliver Secure Access Solutions. Besides receiving distinction from peers and advancing your career growth, obtaining a Pulse Secure Certification demonstrates both your commitment to cybersecurity and an understanding its impact has on your organization.


Pulse Secure Certification Exams:

Certified Technical Expert – PPS

Certified Technical Expert - PCS

Certified Technical Expert – vADC