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The Skybox Certified Administrator training course enables participants to perform common administrative tasks in the Skybox solution and integrate them into existing corporate processes. Course topics are reinforced with hands–on experience of day–to–day activities.

The Skybox Training Labs platform provides customers with a fast, easy and secure method to launch full–featured Skybox practice labs in the cloud. With our platform, each participant gains unparalleled hands–on access to virtual environments from anywhere. Each participant has instant access to their own dedicated browser–based lab environment. Access is easy and secure, with no software installation required.

  • Learn how to incorporate Skybox–related activities into day–to–day IT workflows
  • Apply best practices when managing changes on the network
  • Gain access to our unique and extensive courseware detailing day–to–day workflows
  • Experience real–life scenarios with our extensive training labs
  • Receive recognition and validation of acquired expertise with Skybox training certifications


Learn the details of the Skybox software architecture

Operation and Maintenance

Configure, backup, restore, upgrade and monitor Skybox

Updating the Model

Manage the Skybox model in a dynamic network environment

Model Validation

Validate the Skybox model to ensure it accurately reflects the network environment

System Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot common issues using various tools and workflows