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Ribbon Analytics Advanced - RP26


Intended Audience: This course is designed for individuals who are responsible for configuring Ribbon Protect to monitor and report conditions using Charts, Monitors, Notifications and Reports. Key Topics: • Advanced Chart and Dashboard Tools • Derived Fields and Custom Metrics • Upgrades, Add-Ons, Troubleshooting • Fraud Detector and Incident Detectors • Managing Data Sources Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: • Create and customize charts and dashboards using advanced tools. • Perform detailed CDR searches to find and analyze specific call information • Create derived fields and custom metrics and use them to create specialized charts • Work with Add-Ons to update and customize Ribbon Protect features • Identify troubleshooting tools on the Ribbon Protect platform. • Configure Fraud Detectors • Create KPI Sets and Incident Types to support Incident Detectors • Manage and use Data Sources


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Currently there are no public dates available. We can offer you a private group training, or you can pre-register upfront for a future public class.