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Red Hat Openshift Migration Lab


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  • Planning an OpenShift 3 to 4 migration
  • Preparing the target cluster for migration
  • Deploying the Migration Toolkit for Containers (MTC)
  • Migrating applications using the MTC
  • Mapping application dependencies and dandling migration issues
  • Automating application migrations using the MTC API and Ansible
  • Reducing downtime during a migration process
  • Red Hat OpenShift 3 to 4 migration lab comprehensive review

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Impact on the organization

Successful migration from OpenShift 3 to OpenShift 4 is a critical factor in maintaining continuity for customers with established workloads on legacy OpenShift 3. To preserve continued support and innovation, organizations must ensure a careful and precise transition of applications using Red Hat's tools and best practices. In comparison to OpenShift 3, OpenShift 4 brings in sophisticated automation, self-service, governance, and cloud-native features that are based on Kubernetes Operators to enable a wider variety of application modernization and digital transformation efforts.

Impact on the individual

Learning to apply skills needed to migrate workloads from OpenShift 3 to OpenShift 4 using the Migration Toolkit for Containers will set up students to safely and correctly complete migrations in their organizations.

  • Assessing OpenShift 3 to OpenShift 4 migration scenarios.
  • Discussion of OpenShift 4 minor version migration scenarios.
  • Deploying the Migration Toolkit for Containers.
  • Migrating Persistent Volumes application data between OpenShift clusters.
  • Migrating application images from the internal registry between OpenShift clusters.
  • Moving Kubernetes manifests application resources between OpenShift clusters.
  • Migrating Kubernetes cluster settings between OpenShift clusters.