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This is an End User training course that will provide hands-on training with the Polycom Video Conferencing software & hardware.

The course can take place onsite and is for between 6 - 12 students and last 5 hours.

This course is designed for End users, Systems Administrators & anyone who is charged with making and scheduling video conferencing meetings.

Attendees will have a working knowledge of the solution and will be able to fully utilise the VC system Be able to make and receive Video Conferencing calls by a number of methods and share computer based information across a Network.

They will also become familiar with their VC controller/remote and be able to control both local and far cameras (system permitting)

Each course is customised for your specific requirements and may include:

  • Overview of hardware
  • VC Etiquette
  • Room setup
  • Making calls
  • Managed directories (if relevant to the system)
  • Adding contacts
  • Dialing over IP
  • Multipoint calls
  • Presentations
  • Camera control and pre-sets
  • Cloud/Virtual meeting rooms (if relevant to the system)