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Book accredited Poly training delivered by award winning trainers with real-world experience and hands on labs. We offer multiple languages and time zones.


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Westcon-Comstor Academy partners with Poly for the delivery of vendor certified learning services.


Poly ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality learning experience. This mandates that delivery utilises vendor accredited courseware, qualified instructors offering real-world experience, the latest immersive digital labs and high-class facilities.


We deliver public and private instructor-led learning services, which can be delivered both face to face in a classroom, virtually online or a combination of the two. Additionally, we provide a range of digital learning solutions including e-learning.


Delivery options include the ability to support standard vendor certification, bespoke and tailored content, ensuring we meet the needs of the learner and organization.

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Poly instructors:

We work with several certified instructors, based in numerous countries through EMEA. 

Lab environment:

Our digital lab experience simulates real-life scenarios and provides learners with a safe environment to develop skills.



“The instructor is very technical and helpful, he makes sure every subject matter is well understood by everyone as well as functional”. - Raycom Technologies

“Very patient, very knowledgeable, practical examples to explain the theory and to answer all the questions asked”. - KPN

Poly Training Courses Certification

About Poly

Poly is a global communications solutions provider. It powers meaningful human connection and collaboration, combining audio expertise and powerful video and conferencing capabilities to overcome the distractions, complexity and distance that make workplace communication challenging. Poly headsets, software, desk phones, audio and video conferencing, analytics and services are used worldwide.


The POLY EXPERT PROGRAM provides individuals who are operating, supporting, installing and designing Poly communication solutions with access to a portfolio of learning and certification opportunities.

Structured in three levels, SpecialistProfessional and Expert, and across multiple technology disciplines, the program provides you the freedom to choose your own route to learning and certification.