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Westcon-Comstor Academy provides knowledge and skills to our resellerssystem integrators and end customers, through

vendor accredited and bespoke training courses by industry-leading technology suppliers Globally.

Our value is our knowledge



The knowledge of our in-house expert trainers


Delivering training that leads to certification


Leaving students empowered and confident they've learnt what they needed to


Over the last 15+ years in education services, Westcon-Comstor Academy has developed some impressive training capabilities
to boost the knowledge and expertise of students in areas such as
security, networking, communications and collaboration.






40+ dedicated training rooms


Full equipped access to labs for every student


4000+ students every year


Student satisfaction rate 




Consultant approach to recommend the appropriate course for each student


Classroom, Self-paced, or Virtual Classroom training courses can be made bespoke to your needs


Focus on accreditations and vendor certifications with fast track courses

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