Mitigating Vulnerabilities with NGINX App Protect


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Mitigating Vulnerabilities with NGINX App Protect



Language: English

CET UTC+01:00

Start date:19 Dec 2023 09:30
End date:20 Dec 2023 17:30
Duration:2 days

$ 2,128


This 2 day course gives participants a functional understanding of how to deploy and operate NGINX App Protect WAF to protect their web applications from the most common web application vulnerabilities and Layer 7 denial of service attacks.

NGINX Core is the foundation of your NGINX training and is a recommended prerequisite. The course assumes a basic understanding of networking, web servers, HTTP, proxying, and related concepts.

Hands on labs are performed in a Linux environment. You will need to be able to navigate the file system from the command line and edit configuration files using VI/VIM. Additional experience with Linux environments will be helpful.

The course features hands-on labs and discussion about detecting and mitigating threats from different threat vectors.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • An application-centered approach to security
  • Overview of HTTP processing
  • Exploiting web application vulnerabilities in a modern application
  • Web application security concepts and terminology
  • Deployment options and use cases for NGINX App Protect
  • Default policy configuration and settings
  • Security event logging
  • Understanding policy elements 
  • Tuning policies for specific needs
  • Working with multiple policies
  • Recommended practices for attack signatures and threat campaigns
  • Defining Behavioral DoS protection
  • Connecting DoS directives and nginx.conf
  • Mitigating DoS