ForeScout Administrator FSCA Training

Vendor: ForeScout
Course Code: WGAC-FST-FSCA
Course Outline
Our FSCA course is based on a pre-defined set of key concepts.
Hands-on exercises give students a chance to experiment with the tools and practice the concepts covered during classroom sessions.
Course Objectives
Pathway to Certification
This course is the first step in the training path to ForeScout Certified Administrator (FSCA) Certification.
It not only teaches students the theory and fundamentals of CounterACT administration, it prepares them for industry recognized certification. After taking this course, students are expected to attain FSCA certification.
Course Topics
The FSCA course curriculum includes the following:

Course Schedule

Day One
• Chapter 1: Introduction
A brief introduction to ForeScout’s vision
and concepts of Network Access Control.
• Chapter 2: Terms and Architecture
This lesson introduces students to commonly
used terms such as plugin, segment,
channel, organizational unit, and networking
terms. It also covers the pre-requisites
for a notional CounterACT deployment.
• Chapter 3: CounterACT Installation
Participants configure CounterACT for installation
in a practical network environment; including
configuring switch connectivity, Active Directory
integration, and account management.
• Chapter 4: Console Overview
This is a tour of the console to illustrate
features and demonstrate navigation.

Day Two
• Chapter 5: CounterACT Configuration
Detailed instructions for configuring CounterACT
independent from first-time login. Plugins,
Channel, Host Property Scanner, Switch
Observe and configuration options are covered.
• Chapter 6: CounterACT Deployment
Students learn the best practices for a
successful CounterACT deployment; including
appliance locations, layer 2 versus layer
3 installation and network integration.
• Chapter 7: Policy Overview
Students get a foundational overview of
how policies are created and function
within the CounterACT console.
• Chapter 8: Classification
Students learn how to classify
network assets in CounterACT.
• Chapter 9: Clarification
Students learn how to identify the
management capabilities of the hosts; starting
with established Classification groups.

Day Three
• Chapter 10: Compliance
Students create policies to establish a
network and endpoint compliance posture
for a typical corporate environment.
• Chapter 11: Threat Protection
Students are introduced to the concept of
ForeScout threat protection and deployment
options for any CounterACT installation.
• Chapter 12: Control
Students enforce a compliance posture by
assigning network devices to VLANs and
ACLs, updating asset anti-virus and patch
levels, and enabling guest registration.
• Chapter 13: CounterACT Host Management
Students configure Windows, Linux, and
network endpoints with CounterACT. In addition,
the student will perform housekeeping tasks
such as backups and appliance updates.

Day Four
• Chapter 14: CounterACT Administration
Students work with CounterACT appliance and
CounterACT enterprise manager administration;
as well as console user management.
• Chapter 15: Inventory, Assets,
Reporting, Dashboard
Students learn to use the inventory, assets
portal, reporting, and dashboard.
• Chapter 16: Troubleshooting
This lesson introduces common troubleshooting
methods used in a typical CounterACT deployment.
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Virtual Classroom

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On Demand Training

This course is available as an onsite, closed course and can be delivered at your premises. This may be a cost effective option where you have a group of delegates who require the same training. Additionally, it has the benefit that course content can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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