SMART Certified Training Center (SCTC)

We are excited to announce the launch of our SMART Certified Training Center. The SMART Certified Training Center is now available on Westcon Academy – a learning platform loaded with highly innovative interactive learning experiences that will enhance your ability to teach, support learning and improve student outcomes.

SCTCs are SMART’s training partners and are authorized to deliver official SMART Education and Enterprise training including SMART certification for SMART Education and SMART Enterprise users and trainers. SCTCs must meet SMART’s stringent quality requirements and utilize official SMART Education and Enterprise training resources and techniques.

The training offerings are given once you register or you can contact your local SMART representative near you for a complete list of education and enterprise training offerings available.

SMART Certified Training Center provides online and hands-on instruction to help you deliver high-quality training on SMART products. Become a SMART Certified Trainer today.

Register now and get certified by pressing the button below.