Partner Assure (formally of Sonus) is a turnkey programme to enable SIP transformations for enterprise customers, delivering the critical session border controller technology and expertise needed.

This unique programme brings a streamlined engagement structure together with robust easy-to-access training tools.

Training Requirements:

The minimum competency requirement for Partner Assure Select Partners is 2 sales personnel, 2 sales engineering personnel and 2 post-sale support personnel.

  • Sales and Sales Engineering training is wholly provided online via the Sonus Partner Portal
  • Post-sale technical training requires completion of a 4-5 day workshop at a Sonus facilty or that of a Sonus training partner. Post-sales personnel are considered  accredited attending the hands-on workshop, and passing an accreditation exam.  Accreditation must be completed separately for each Sonus product category:
    • SBC 1000 / SBC 2000
    • SBC 5000 / 7000 /SWe
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What's the difference between Partner Certification and Individual/Professional Certification?

Partner Certifications are linked to the Partner as a whole and can help attract better commercial terms.

Individual/Professional Certifications are held by one person.