Avaya Edge Partner Program

Avaya EdgeSM is our worldwide channel program designed to support Avaya partners as they grow their business; sell Avaya products, solutions, and services; achieve competency in leading-edge Avaya solutions; and better compete in the marketplace.
This innovative, global program provides an opportunity for partners to differentiate their company in the market, and gives unprecedented access to a comprehensive set of financial, technical, sales and marketing benefits.
The program structure is based on partner tracks, streamlined requirements, country location and three gem levels: diamond, sapphire and emerald.

Edge Tiers

Avaya Edge offers three program levels to reward partners for their value and competency. Higher gem levels offer more rewards in terms of resources/benefits to partners.
Partners enter the program at the Emerald level. Higher program/gem levels, Sapphire and Diamond, are available to partners who meet product and service revenue, authorizations and customer satisfaction thresholds.

Sales Credentials

To sell Avaya solutions, there are a minimum number of sales and design credentials required of the partner at a country level. Partner Sales Authorizations or “Right to Sell” is a gem level requirement of Avaya Edge. Sales Authorization is generally achieved by earning two Avaya Professional Sales Specialist (APSS, or “Sales Specialist”) credentials in every solution sold, per country and one Avaya Professional Design Specialist (APDS, or “Design Specialist”) for every solution sold. Some solutions may not have a design requirement.
Implement credentials certify that a candidate has achieved an enhanced level of proficiency focused on installing, configuring, and troubleshooting a specified Avaya product or product family. Implement credentials ensure that the specialist can implement, validate and troubleshoot the installation of a single product, single system or product family.
Credential Requirement
The sales authorizations and implement credential requirements vary by track as outlined in the sections below. Where an implement requirement is in place, it must correspond to one of the Partner Sales Authorizations held.
Details regarding the Avaya Professional Credentials referenced above can be found at:

For more information about the Partner Program please visit Avaya's web site or contact Westcon Academy to discuss your company's training requirement.

What's the difference between Partner Certification and Individual/Professional Certification?

Partner Certifications are linked to the Partner as a whole and can help attract better commercial terms.

Individual/Professional Certifications are held by one person.