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This instructor-led course teaches strategies in defense against advanced threats. Successful completion of this course enables administrators to better understand the threat landscape. Students will learn the use of Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation firewalls, including the WildFire™ product.
This course is a bundle course combining the following 2 courses in a single week :F5 Configuring BIG-IP ASM: Application Security ManagerF5 Configuring BIG-IP APM: Access Policy ManagerThis combined version is a condensed version of the the 4 days ASM and 3 days APM course.
La formation « Advanced Firewall Troubleshooting » (PAN-EDU-311) développe les thèmes abordés lors des formations PAN-EDU-201 et PAN-EDU-205, en les complétant par des travaux pratiques portant sur la résolution de problèmes.
La formation « Firewall: Configure Extended Features » (EDU-205) fait suite à la formation « Firewall: Install, Configure and Manage (EDU-201) ».
Formation d’introduction en matière d’installation, de configuration et d'administration de pare-feu Palo Alto Networks. EDU-201.
This two-day instructor led course will enable network professionals to configure and manage the Palo Alto Networks® Panorama™ Management Server
Learn how to efficiently and correctly deploy SMART SRS Enterprise solutions by participating in this hands-on installation training.
Palo Alto Networks ®Traps™ Advanced Endpoint Protection prevents sophisticated vulnerability exploits and unknown malware-driven attacks. Traps accomplishes this through a highly scalable, lightweight agent that uses an innovative new approach for defeating attacks without requiring any prior knowledge of the threat itself. Successful completion of this three-day, instructor-led course equips the student to build a basic Traps deployment.