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CrowdStrike Cloud Security 3D lab

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CrowdStrike offers the industry’s most comprehensive, full-spectrum CNAPP solution delivered from one unified, AI-native platform, enabling organizations to detect and prevent threats no matter where they originate. CrowdStrike provides a unified CNAPP capabilities that provide CIEM, CWPP, container security, CSPM and KSPM. Using this lab, you will be able to learn more about CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon and Falcon Cloud Workload Protection cloud modules that provide CNAPP capabilities. You will get hands on experience using a dedicated Kubernetes cluster and CrowdStrike Falcon console to implement and secure Kubernetes environments, microservice applications based on containers, and help achieve compliance. You will also discover how CrowdStrike help you get deep visibility on your public cloud assets, secure them, identify misconfigurations and indicator of attacks, and achieve compliance using the most advanced security frameworks.