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Developing Applications with Cloud Functions on Google Cloud


Google Cloud Training Courses Certification


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Module 01 - Introduction to Cloud Functions
  • An introduction to Cloud Functions
  • Benefits and use cases
  • Types of Cloud Functions and language runtimes
  • Define Cloud Functions.
  • Identify the use cases, features, and benefits of Cloud Functions.
  • Distinguish the types of Cloud Functions, and identify the supported languages for developing functions.
  • Develop and deploy a Cloud Function using the Google Cloud console and gcloud CLI.
Module 02 - Calling and Connecting Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Functions triggers
  • Connecting Cloud Functions
  • Understand the different kinds of triggers available, and learn how to specify triggers for functions.
  • Connect services and functions with workflows.
  • Connect functions to resources in a VPC network.
Module 03 - Securing Cloud Functions
  • Accessing and authenticating to functions
  • Protecting functions and data
  • Secure Cloud Functions with identity and network-based access controls.
  • Understand function identity.
  • Understand how to authenticate and authorize access to functions for invocation and administration.
  • Protect functions and related data with encryption keys.
Module 04 - Integrating with Cloud Databases
  • Integrate Cloud Functions with cloud databases
  • Use secrets with Cloud Functions
  • Integrate Cloud Functions with cloud databases such as Firestore, and Memorystore.
  • Use secrets with Cloud Functions.
  • Use environment variables with Cloud Functions.
Module 05 - Best Practices
  • Cloud Function Best Practices
  • Use best practices when developing and implementing Cloud Functions.
  • Understand how to retry event-driven Cloud Functions on failure.

  • Knowledge of Google Cloud console, gcloud CLI, and basic programming experience in Node.js or Python.
  • Some understanding of other Google Cloud services that include Cloud Storage, and Pub/Sub.
  • Understanding of HTTP, and experience with using HTTP client tools like curl.
  • Completion of the Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure course is recommended.

  • Recognize the benefits of and use cases for Cloud Functions in modern application development.
  • Understand how to build, test, and deploy Cloud Functions.
  • Secure and connect Cloud Functions to resources, and cloud databases.
  • Use best practices with Cloud Functions.

The description for this course is currently being updated.