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Administering NGINX for Web Services - NGINXADMIN


Learn how to administer, configure, and manage NGINX using recommended practices. Discover how to set up and control NGINX server contexts, and configure location context. Explore NGINX variables and their usage. Find out about NGINX logging methods, levels and severity of log entries, and how to set up error logging. Learn about proxy and reverse proxy concepts and discover how to map and use variables to convert requests from older locations to new locations. Further explore routing concepts and methods, including why and how to configure NGINX to use HTTPS/SSL to secure client and server connections and how to force the use of HTTPS. Finally, learn about the NGINX Plus API and Dashboard; configure systems to display their information via the Dashboard and control access to systems via the API.


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Currently there are no public dates available. We can offer you a private group training, or you can pre-register upfront for a future public class.