Extreme Switching - Advanced Configuration


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Extreme Networks

Extreme Switching - Advanced Configuration


Virtual ILT

Language: English

CET UTC+01:00

Start date:02 Nov 2023 09:00
End date:03 Nov 2023 17:00
Duration:2 days

$ 1,585


This course is designed as an optimization-oriented knowledge enhancement and is aimed at individuals who are responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the Extreme Networks family of ExtremeXOS/SwitchEngine switches.

You must be certified in Extreme Switching - Installation and Configuration

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Implement security mechanisms in ExtremeXOS/SwitchEngine devices, such as ONEPolicy or ACLs
  • Implement traffic optimization techniques e.g., Quality of Service
  • Automate, integrate, and enhance ExtremeXOS/SwitchEngine capabilities with features such as Fabric Attach, CLI scripting as well as Python scripting and Python processes
  • Earn a learning credential on the Professional Programme training path

Students will learn methods to enhance their existing switching and routing environment with security, traffic optimization, automation, and integration features.

Several network management tasks will be exercised.

This knowledge will be reinforced through actual hands-on experience with networking equipment in a lab environment, where students will perform real world tasks.

  • Security
    • EXOS Security Overview
    • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
    • Access Control Lists
    • Policy

  • Optimization
    • Traffic Optimization
    • Automation
    • Fabric Attach
    • Application Telemetry
    • Integrated Application Hosting