SOLIDserver DDI Support and Maintenance - CT-OEV-SST


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Via the hands-on training, participants will acquire the knowledge to perform SOLIDserver appliance support.

This course is identical to EfficientIP's course called CT-OEV-SST

Duration: 2 days for on site class, 14 hours for remote class

Certification «SOLIDserver DDI Administrator» passed

By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

• Describe the SOLIDserver software architecture

• Describe the SOLIDserver Support Environment

• Use the embedded debug tools

• Perform SOLIDserver preventive maintenance

• Troubleshoot potential DNS, DHCP, IPAM, System, Network and NetChange issues

Module 1: Support Environment Description

• SOLIDserver software releases version control

• Support portal description

• Support process description

• Hardware support description

Module 2: SOLIDserver Embedded Maintenance Tools

• SOLIDserver software architecture description

• User interfaces description

• SOLIDserver performance monitoring

• SOLIDserver health monitoring

• User activity tracking

• Network issue troubleshooting tools

• System issue troubleshooting tools

• Debug data collection

• Expert log level

• Additionnal logging features

Module 3: Corrective Maintenance

• Preventive maintenance

• Hardware maintenance

• System issues troubleshooting

• Network issues troubleshooting

• IPAM issues troubleshooting

• DNS issues troubleshooting

• DHCP issues troubleshooting

• HA Management handling

• NetChange issues troubleshooting

• Advanced Troubleshooting labs