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At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Position a UCOPIA Express controller in a target network architecture.
  • Install and configure a UCOPIA Express controller in accordance with the characteristics of the host environment (addressing policy, VLAN organization, modification and customization of the portal, management of user profiles, etc.).
  • Transfer skills to the people who will be responsible for administering and operating a UCOPIA Express controller.

Participants should have a good knowledge of network technologies (TCP / IP, OSI model, 802.1q and routing).

UCOPIA Express certification is awarded at the end of the training to any trainee who meets the following conditions:

  • Have completed the entire training
  • Have successfully completed the workshops
  • Have answered the certification questionnaire, with a pass threshold of 70%

The workshops are organized in pairs. Each pair has a UCOPIA Express controller, a Wi-Fi access point, a Wi-Fi laptop PC and network cables. A local network and Internet access will be made available to all participants.

Workshop 1

  • Connect to the UCOPIA administration tool
  • Configure the input networks of the UCOPIA controller
  • Create and customize services
  • Create user profiles
  • Create user accounts
  • Connect a user in captive portal mode

Workshop 2

  • Create an email account for sending their login details to guests by email
  • Customize the operation of the captive portal (with addition of social networks and self-registration by email).
  • Associate this new captive portal with a zone.

Workshop 3

  • Manage your fleet of UCOPIA controllers remotely, thanks to UWS Administration
  • Customize a visual captive portal template from the Smart Configuration tool, on UWS
  • Deploy the Portal Custom Visual Model to a Controller

Workshop 4

  • Create a delegated administrator
  • Configure the prerogatives of a delegated administrator
  • Implement the delegation portal
  • From the delegation portal
  • User creation (individually and in bulk)
  • Generation of a connection ticket
  • Modification of a previously created user account
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