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Ucopia Bundle: Foundation, Superior, Advanced - BUND



Ucopia Bundle: Foundation, Superior, Advanced - BUND

10 Oct 2022 - 3 days


CEST UTC+02:00



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Course Topics

Day 1 :

Workshop 1

  • Connect to the UCOPIA administration tool
  • Configure the input networks of the UCOPIA controller
  • Create and customize services
  • Create user profiles
  • Create user accounts
  • Connect a user in captive portal mode

Workshop 2

  • Create an email account for sending their login details to guests by email
  • Customize the operation of the captive portal (with addition of social networks and self-registration by email).
  • Associate this new captive portal with a zone.

Workshop 3

  • Manage your fleet of UCOPIA controllers remotely, thanks to UWS Administration
  • Customize a visual captive portal template from the Smart Configuration tool, on UWS
  • Deploy the Portal Custom Visual Model to a Controller

Workshop 4

  • Create a delegated administrator
  • Configure the prerogatives of a delegated administrator
  • Implement the delegation portal
  • From the delegation portal
  • User creation (individually and in bulk)
  • Generation of a connection ticket
  • Modification of a previously created user account

Day 2:

  • Supervision and traceability of connection logs
  • Update procedures
  • Taking Remote Control
  • Automatic backups and replacement of faulty UCOPIA controller
  • Good configuration practices
  • Troubleshooting tools and procedure
  • Troubleshooting workshop

Day 3:

Workshop 1

  • Create a conditional profile whose access rights vary depending on the time of day
  • Configure constraints on devices connecting with the same user account

Workshop 2

  • Create an email account to send the validation email to the sponsor.
  • Configure a captive portal with Free mode with sponsorship
  • Ensure that the user's connection to the network is conditioned by the validation of the sponsor

Workshop 3

  • Configure a cluster of two UCOPIA controllers in redundancy.
  • Check the rocker mechanism in case of failure of a controller.
  • Configure a cluster of two UCOPIA controllers in load balancing mode.

Workshop 4

  • Integrate UCOPIA with an external directory
  • Set up a dynamic profile assignment according to certain LDAP fields

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