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Symantec Cloud SOC R1 - CLD-SOC-R1


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The Symantec CloudSOC R1 course is intended for IT professionals who wish to develop the knowledge and skills to deploy and manage Symantec CASB/s solution, CloudSOC. This course is intended for users who want to apply Symantec CloudSOC’s capabilities to control Shadow Data and Shadow IT in cloud applications

You must have a basic understanding of information security concepts.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for technical users responsible for managing Symantec CloudSOC.

Lesson 1: Introduction to CloudSOC

• Challenges brought by the migration to the cloud

• CASB market leaders

• Problems solved by CloudSOC

• CASB use cases

• CloudSOC architecture

• CloudSOC integrations

Lesson 2: Initial Setup

• Connecting a firewall/proxy to Audit

• Connect cloud applications via Securlets

• Configure cloud applications via Gatelets

• Managing Users, Groups, and Access Profiles

• Configure Single Sign On

• Privacy Settings

• Content inspection and threat protection settings

• IP address profiles

  • Data archive
  • Reach agent installation
  • Elastica SpanVA installation
  • Advanced settings tech notes

Lesson 3: Identify and determine business risk of cloud applications

  • Cloud Applications and their risks
  • The cloud application discovery and safe adoption lifecycle
  • The cloud application adoption workflow
  • The CloudSOC Business Readiness Rating
  • Compensatory controls
  • Implementing the process in Audit

Lesson 4: Identify how information is being used in cloud applications

  • The risk of shadow data
  • Document exposure discovery process
  • Implementing the process using Securlets

Lesson 5: Identify and remediate malicious behavior within cloud applications

  • Malicious behavior remediation process
  • Implementing the process using Detect, Protect, and Investigate

Lesson 6: Protect documents in cloud applications from exposure

  • Cloud application information protection process
  • Implementing the process using Securlets, Protect, and Investigate

Lesson 7: Creating Reports in Dashboard

  • Activity dashboard
  • Reporting dashboard and widgets

Hands-On Labs:

We will practice the implementation of the setup and each of the use cases through a series of exercises using CloudSOC

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