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The RASZA 200 course is an entry level course for Ruckus employees, partners, Systems Engineers (SEs), and customers who use the Ruckus SmartZone Essentials and High Scale controller platforms to deploy Wireless LANs. This course focuses on SmartZone version 3.5.

Prerequisites & Audience

Before taking this course, students should have completed the following courses:

1.Introduction to Ruckus Products

2. LAN/WLAN Fundamentals

Course Benefits

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

1.Install and upgrade the SmartZone controller

2. Explain the architecture of the SmartZone controller

3. Configure Domains and Zones

4. Create and assign Administrator accounts and roles

5. Successfully register Ruckus Access Points to the controller

6. Perform advanced Access Point configuration

7. Create Basic WLANs

8. Edit WLAN advanced settings

9. Create WLAN Groups, schedules and VLAN Pools

10. Manage WLAN devices

11. Authenticate WLAN users with AAA

12. Deploy authentication portals 13. Authenticate guests using Guest Passes 14. Manage clustering and fault tolerance

Course Topics

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Ruckus Associate SmartZone Administrator - RASZA-200
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