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Interaction Recording Installation & Maintenance - MIR


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The remote leader-led Mitel Workforce Optimization Installation & Configuration course provides hands-on training that teaches students how to successfully install this application on-premise.

Successful completion of this course gives students Mitel certification & enable students to enroll on the Mitel Interaction Recording for MiCloud Flex on Google Cloud Bridging Self-study.

This course is delivered using MiVoice Business call control; therefore students should refer to Mitel technical documentation to understand how to install & configure this application on other Generally Available Mitel call control.

  • Knowledge if TCP/IP Networks
  • Knowledge of Telecommunication Basics
  • Knowledge of Windows Operating Systems
  • Student Equipment & Setup Requirements

Given this course is delivered remotely, student must observer the following:

  • Check Junk folder if joining instructions not received before the course
  • Internet connection to access the training
  • Windows 10 / Teams to view training materials
  • Access to the course will open 15 minutes before the training commences
  • Creating student access to the ASC incidence for practical work

Day 1 

  • Introduction to the neo Recording Suite
  • Installation neo Recording Suite including:
  • Overview product line neo
  • General usage
  • System configuration
  • All-in-One Recording Solution
  • EVOIPneo
  • Update

Day 2 

  • User management / User configuration:
  • Multitenancy
  • Recording planner for compliance recording
  • Players in neo
  • Employees / Tenants
  • Settings / Individual Function Rights
  • Roles / Rules
  • Organization Structure / Units

Day 3 

  • Architectures / Environments
  •  Licensing concept
  • Archiving vs. storage expansion
  • System-Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Notifications / Logfiles overview
  • Recording Architectures
  • Multicore
  • Failover Database
  • Multi-server Recording Architecture à All-in-one basic recording architecture
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