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MiCC Business Workforce Scheduling (WFS) Leader-Led Classroom - 53003445


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Mitel Workforce Scheduling (WFS) is an optional application that works in conjunction with Mitel MiContact Center
enabling schedulers to create intelligent work schedules based on employee availability, forecasted demand, and service
level objectives. This course covers the fundamental tasks required to configure Mitel Workforce Scheduling including
understanding how schedules are configured and built, what to consider when planning schedules, monitoring and
reporting on schedule adherence.

• Overview of YourSite Explorer (YSE); YSE is the application used to do the initial configuration of WFS before
progressing to build schedules.
• Configuration of Workforce Scheduling including setting up skills, time off, breaks, jobs, overtime and holidays.
08/12/2020 Page 2 of 2
• Building and modifying a schedule, manually and using the schedule building wizard, considering things like business
hours, shifts and breaks etc.
• Modifying user preferences for schedule building.
• Configuration of Schedule Adherence and discussion regarding adherence/out of adherence.
• Viewing adherence monitors and setting alarms to alert supervisors if an employee is “out of adherence”.
• Setup and use of Employee Portal to enable employees to view their schedule, offer/trade shifts, reques
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