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MiCC Business Installation and Maintenance Release 9.3 for MiVoice Business Remote - 53003091



Mitel MiContact Center Using Ignite



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This course provides the installation and maintenance engineer with the knowledge necessary to install, configure and maintain the MiContact Center Suite of applications using MiVoice Business call control.

The following applications of MiCC are included in the course:

  • Mitel Contact Centre Management (CCM)/Mitel Interactive Contact Centre (ICC)
  • Mitel IVR Routing (IVR Routing)
  • Mitel Multimedia Contact Center (MCC)

The following application of MiCC are NOT covered in this course; they are subject of separate courses:

  • Workforce Scheduling
  • Call Accounting

Students will be provided with a lab environment where they will be able to put to practice the skills learned during training and test that their implementation functions correctly

Prerequisites & Audience

Registration will not be accepted until the student has successfully completed the following:

  • MiContact Center Business for MiVoice Business Primer Self Study

Given that this course is delivered remotely, students must have the following equipment:

  • One telephone with a headset connected or a PC with a headset used to join the training audio conference
  • Two PCs or one PC with dual screens (One for the Web session, the other for ESM, Application and documentation access)
  • Three Mitel IP Phones (53xx or 69xx series are acceptable models in any combination of numbers)
  • One Layer 2 PoE Switch (To support the IP Phones)
  • High Speed Internet connection (2 Mb Down, 400 kp Up minimum recommended speed)

Equipment for the class needs to be set up in a quiet environment for the best learning experience. Students must also have access rights to install software on the PC(s) for the purposes of the lab environment. Notification, and information, regarding Teleworker IP addressing and URLs will be communicated to the student by the instructor prior to the class start date. A test procedure will be included in this information to ensure all communication requirements will be met. To ensure there will be no class delays this procedure MUST be done prior to the start of class.

Course Benefits

Course Topics

Day 1 – Installing and provisioning of Voice

  • Product Overview, including
    • Contact Center Management Pre-Installation overview,
    • Server Requirements & Preparation,
    • Installation of Contact Center Management,
    • Product Registration & Licensing
    • Verifying the installation was successful
  • Reviewing & configuring the Enterprise Server & Media Servers using YourSite Explorer (YSE)
  • Synchronizing the CCM/ICC database with the PBX
  • Programming the YourSite database to meet customers’ requirements
  • Programming Agents and Paths using YourSite Explorer

Day 2 – Contact Center Manager (CCM) and Basic IVR Routing (IVR) CCM

  • Overview of Real Time Monitors including Marquees
  • Running Historical Reports and overview of Flexible Reports
  • Overview of Forecasting, Inspector and Auditor
  • Configuring Security Roles and Lists • Maintaining the CCM including Backups IVR
  • How to Provision your Workflow
  • Extension creation
  • New hunt group configuration
  • Create, modify/managing and delete Prompts
  • Configure and test the operation of RAD’s and RAD optimisation
  • Understand, create and test Workflows including Menus, Call Routing, Conditions, Schedules &Subroutines.

Day 3 – Advanced IVR Routing (IVR)

  • Use Data Providers for database lookups – configure and test operation
  • Management plans
    • Recording Prompts
    • Mode of Operation -Enable/disable Emergency Mode
  • Configure Agent Greetings
  • Updated Position in Queue (UPiQ)
  • Callback plans
  • Port monitor and Callback monitor
  • Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Day 4 - Multimedia Contact Center (MCC)

  • Setting up and verifying Mail Servers
  • Setting up and verifying Media Servers for Email & Chat
  • Enabling existing Employees for multimedia
  • Creating multimedia Queues, Agent Groups and Agents as well as Unified QueueGroups
  • Configuring multimedia workflows
  • Testing operation of the email multimedia using Web Ignite
  • Testing operation of Contact Center Messenger multimedia using Web Ignite and Cloudlink Accounts
  • Overview of SMS and Open Media Integration multimedia

Day 5 – Practical Assessment

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