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Preparing for Your Professional Cloud Architect Journey


Google Cloud Training Courses Certification


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Module 0 - Introduction to the Professional Cloud Architect Certification

  • Role of a Professional Cloud Architect and scenario introduction*
  • Certification value and benefits
  • Certification process

Module 1 - Designing and planning a cloud solution architecture

  • Identify considerations involved in designing solution infrastructure that meets business and technical requirements.
  • Describe options for designing network, storage, and compute resources leveraging Google Cloud.
  • Explain the elements of a migration plan.
  • Recognize the potential for future solution improvements.
  • Determine the skills you need to develop in order to design and plan solution architecture leveraging Google Cloud.

Module 2 - Managing and provisioning a solution infrastructure

  • Identify considerations involved in configuring network topologies, individual storage systems, and compute systems.
  • Determine the skills you need to develop in order to manage and provision solution infrastructure

Module 3 - Designing for security and compliance

  • Explain recommended design practices to ensure security across a cloud solution.
  • Recognize aspects of designing for compliance.
  • Determine the skills you need to develop in order to apply Google’s recommended approach to designing for security and compliance.

Module 4 - Analyzing and optimizing technical and business processes

  • Describe the technical and business processes involved in solution production.
  • Identify ways to optimize processes and develop procedures to ensure reliability of solutions in production.
  • Determine the skills you need to develop to optimize technical and business processes involved in producing a cloud solution.

Module 5 - Managing implementation/Ensuring solution operations and reliability

  • Describe best practices for development and operations teams to ensure successful solution deployment.
  • Explain methods to interact with Google Cloud programmatically.
  • Explain methodologies for managing configuration and code updates and tools available for monitoring and analyzing KPIs.

Module 6 - Your Next Steps

  • Learn how to break down a case study to pinpoint business and technical requirements, and find differentiators
  • Finalizing your study plan
  • Creating a weekly study sheet
  • Registering for the exam
  • Create a personalized study plan.
  • Review next steps.

To get the most out of this course, participants should:

  • Have 3+ years of industry experience including 1+ years designing and managing solutions using Google Cloud

  • List the five domains covered on the Professional Cloud Architect certification exam.
  • Identify gaps in your knowledge and skills for each domain and create a study plan.

The description for this course is currently being updated.
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