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F5 Advanced WAF Practice Lab


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F5 Advanced WAF Practice Lab


from $ 500


The Advanced Web Application Firewall Practice lab will allow you to experience the F5 AWAF product including policy building, DOS protection profiles and Bot defense profiles protecting a vulnerable backend application.
In this Practice lab you will be able to create your own security policies and test them against applications that were designed to be vulnerable for training purposes such as: OWASP Juice Shop, DVWA or Hackazon. These applications are typically vulnerable against the OWASP top 10 such as Injection attacks, Cross-Site Scripting attacks, Sensitive Data Exposure, Broken Authentication and many more.

Why you should rent this  Practice Lab:
  • Try out combined use cases in a flexible and reliable cloud lab
  • Test drive from the safe environment of your home office or workplace

Serving your needs:

  • You want to see solutions in action.
  • You want to test solutions that are specific to you.
  • You want your investment to drive maximum impact.
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