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Extreme Networks


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This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to support and
troubleshoot Extreme Networks fabric and traditional networking solutions.

This course is intended for networking

professionals who will be responsible for

troubleshooting Extreme Networks fabric

and traditional networking solutions.

Prerequisites & Audience
Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, students

will have gained the working knowledge to:

  • Identify the disciplines of
  • problem analysis, hypothesis

    development, hypothesis testing,

    remediation, and prevention

  • Given a scenario, analyze
  • the problem

  • Identify and use tools for gathering
  • information and troubleshooting

    networks and devices

  • Apply the troubleshooting
  • methodology to solve

    enterprise, data center, and

    traditional network scenarios

  • Describe the processes that can
  • be enacted to prevent future

    network outages or performancedegrading


  • Take the ECS – Supporting
  • Fabric exam

    Course Topics

    Methods for Troubleshooting

  • Eight disciplines associated with problem solving
  • and troubleshooting

  • Problem analysis, hypothesis development, hypothesis testing, remediation, and
  • prevention as they relate to troubleshooting networks

    Network Troubleshooting Methodology

  • Applying the 8D problem solving process to networking issues
  • Information Gathering

  • Gather information to establish a team and
  • understand issues

    Topology Discovery

  • Gather topology information manually on Extreme networking devices
  • Troubleshooting Toolkit

  • Finding information on troubleshooting devices and using client-side
  • troubleshooting tools

    VOSS and Modular Switches

  • Tools for troubleshooting VOSS and modular devices on a physical level or
  • device-specific problems

    BOSS Switches

  • Tools such as boot diagnostic files, port mirroring, and stack health for
  • troubleshooting BOSS devices on a physical level or device-specific problems

    Layer One Toolkit

  • Commands and tools to troubleshoot Layer One
  • issues, including:

  • Port LED indicators
  • Ethernet statistic and errors
  • Show interface
  • Show pluggable optical modules
  • Time domain reflectometer or third-party troubleshooting
  • devices

    Layer Two Toolkit

  • Commands and tools used to troubleshoot Layer Two issues,
  • including spanning tree and VLANs

    Layer Three Toolkit

  • Commands and tools such as ping and traceroute used to
  • troubleshoot Layer Three issues

    Upper Layers Toolkit

  • Commands and tools used to troubleshoot Upper Layer issues,
  • such as wire captures and DHCP relay

    SPBM Toolkit

  • Commands and tools used to troubleshoot SPBM issues
  • Enterprise Campus

  • Troubleshooting methodology to solve large, medium, and
  • small enterprise network scenarios

    Data Center

  • Troubleshooting methodology to solve a data center scenario
  • problem

    Traditional Networks

  • Troubleshooting methodology to solve traditional networking
  • scenario problems

    Remediation and Prevention

  • Processes that can be enacted to prevent future network
  • outages or performance-degrading events

    Extreme Networks courses

    The Basics of Routers
    CODE: Youtube-67076
    ECS – Data Center VDX – VCS Fabric Configuration and Implementation - ECS-VDX
    More on Protocols
    CODE: Youtube-67078
    How To: Onboard a 5420 Switch to ExtremeCloud IQ and Update OS Persona
    CODE: Youtube-67060
    ECS Extreme Management Center XMC - EMGMT-1
    11 Cheers for Binary!
    CODE: Youtube-67070
    How to Transport Bits and Bytes
    CODE: Youtube-67068
    Understanding Computer Language - Bits, Bytes, and Binary!
    CODE: Youtube-67065
    How To: Add Locations and Setup Floorplans in ExtremeCloud IQ
    CODE: Youtube-67058
    LAN Topologies
    CODE: Youtube-67071
    ECS Campus Fabric Switching and Routing - CFSR
    Deeper Dive Into IP Addresses
    CODE: Youtube-67075
    The Magic Boxes of the Internet
    CODE: Youtube-67069
    Shaking Hands on the Internet
    CODE: Youtube-67079
    Networks - 3 Real-World Examples Explored
    CODE: Youtube-67062
    ECS Extreme Management Centre Pre Certification Lab - EMGMT-DLP
    ECS ExtremeXOS Fundamentals - EXOS-Fund-1
    ECS Extreme Wireless Cloud PreCertification Labs - ECS-CLD-PCL
    ECS Extreme Fabric Switching and Routing PreCertification Lab - CFSR-DLP
    Demystifying IT and Networking Terminology
    CODE: Youtube-67063
    What is Addressing?
    CODE: Youtube-67067
    Where Is All The Internet Data Coming and Going From?
    CODE: Youtube-67077
    ECS – ExtremeWireless Cloud – Troubleshooting - ECS-CLDTRBL
    Binary to Decimal
    CODE: Youtube-67072
    How To: Onboard an Access Point
    CODE: Youtube-67057
    How To: Update Device Firmware
    CODE: Youtube-67059
    ECS ExtremeWireless Core - ECS-CORE
    Computers Are So Polite
    CODE: Youtube-67073
    What is a Network?
    CODE: Youtube-67064
    Hacking the Packet
    CODE: Youtube-67080
    Supporting Fabric - SFBC
    The Basics of Switches
    CODE: Youtube-67074
    ECS Extreme Access Control Pre Certification Lab - CTRL-DLP
    Network Technology - The Past, The Present, and The Future!
    CODE: Youtube-67061
    ECS Campus ExtremeXOS Switching and Routing - ECS-EXOS-1
    Understanding Wireless Interference
    CODE: Youtube-66941
    Data Communication Fundamentals - What is a Protocol?
    CODE: Youtube-67066
    ECS Extreme Wireless Cloud - ECS-CLD
    ECS Extreme Control NAC - CTRL
    ECS Campus EXOS Switching and Routing – Pre Certification Labs Course - EXOS-DLP
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