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ECS Extreme Management Centre Pre Certification Lab - EMGMT-DLP


Extreme Networks


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Students who have completed the Extreme Management Centre online video class will be introduced to Network

Management and Visibility using the Extreme

Networks Management tool, Extreme Management Centre (XMC), for managing network devices. Using the Open

Systems Interconnection (OSI) Network Management Model (NMM). The online learning will be reinforced through

actual hands-on experience with networking equipment in a lab environment, where students will perform real world

tasks configuring authentication mechanisms as well as creating different assessment methods and policies.

Additionally, a challenge lab is included on the final day. The Challenge Lab is a lab exercise with a series of tasks to

enable the students to practice what they have learned in the videos and labs with real life scenarios in a safe and

controlled environment. It will be an opportunity for students to interact with the instructor over the principles they are

now implementing to complete the Challenge Lab. The Challenge Lab is not mandatory and does not constitute a

pass or fail, however, the Challenge Lab is highly recommended.

Prerequisites & Audience

Due to the nature of this course, it is mandatory

that the students have completed the online video

Class for Extreme Management Center and can

verify their level of understanding prior to being

enrolled in a Pre-Certification Lab class.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the

working knowledge to:

● Take the ECS – Extreme Management Centre certification


● Successfully configure and manage the Extreme

Management Centre network management tool

Course Topics

Extreme Management Center Server Administration

● Accessing Extreme Management Center

● Backup and Restoring the XMC Database

● Setting a Session Timeout

● Scheduling (automating) a Database Backup

● Configure Polling Interval

Integration with Extreme Management Center

● Wireless Admin Account

● Wireless SNMP V3 Configuration

● Configure the Wireless Controller for NetFlow/IPFIX

● SNMPv3 Configuration on Switch-A (EXOS)

Extreme Management Center Device Configuration

● Extreme Management Center Profile/Credentials

● Setting Trap Options

● Device Discovery and Device Groups

● Manually Add Device

● Create Your Own Device Group

● Configure the Analytics Engine

● Modify Devices

● Extreme Management Center Scripting

● Creating a Command Script (Wireless)

● Executing a Command Script (Wireless)

● Interface Summary FlexView

● Customize your FlexView


● Review sample workflows

● Create a workflow

Extreme Management Center Maps

● Create a Site and a Map

● Adding Devices to Map

● Inter-switch Links – Link Details

● DeviceView from Maps

Managing Firmware

● Current Firmware Status

● Adding New Firmware to Firmware Directory

● Upgrading EXOS Devices

Managing Configurations

● Configuration Site Archives

● Viewing Archive Results and Log

● Comparing Archives

● Restore Archive


Run the PCI Regime

● Device Statistics Collection

● Interface Statistics Collection

● Extreme Management Center Display

● Wireless Reports

Application Analytics

● Validate the Analytics Engine Data Collection

● Add Locations to Analytics

● Enforce changes to the Analytics Engine

● Application Flows

● Dashboard Overview

● Analytics Reports

● Applications Browser

Searching with Compass

● Compass Search – Determine Port on Device

● Search – Find a User on the Network


● Viewing FlexViews

● Viewing Reports

Syslog Events

● Syslog Messages


● Create an Alarm Definition

● Alarms - Extreme Management Center

SNMP Traps

● Testing your SNMP Trap

Visual Fault Management

● Simulating Failure

● Extreme Management Center Map – Find Device

● Show Alarm – Extreme Management Center.

● Reset SNMP on the Wireless Controller

Extreme Management Center - Reporting

● Creating a Custom Report

● Designing a Report

● Viewing your Custom Report


● Import Policy Domain

● Check network connectivity from PC-B/PC-W

● Assign the Devices to the Policy Domain

● Enforce Roles to Devices

● Assigning a Role to a Switch Port – Static Policy

● Static Policy Rule Usage

● Dynamic – Authenticate User

● Dynamic Rule Usage

ExtremeControl – End System Management

● Time Verification

● Adding the Extreme Access Engine

● Adding the Default Radius Server

● Add Devices to be managed by Control

● Client History Report

● Modified End-Syste

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