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Extreme Campus Fabric Troubleshooting - ECP Program


Extreme Networks Training Courses Certification


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Extreme Networks

Extreme Campus Fabric Troubleshooting - ECP Program


Virtual ILT

Language: English

CET UTC+01:00

Start date:13 Jan 2023 09:00
End date:13 Jan 2023 17:00
Duration:1 day

$ 800


This 1 day training course will review the technologies that support the fabric operation and services highlighting their proper operation and ways to determine misconfiguration.
Identifying problems at network Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3 and discussed along with how to troubleshoot fabric service issues. Lectures are supported equally with hands-on troubleshooting activities on VSPs, Universal Hardware 5520, ERS, and EXOS.

This course is designed network administrators, support engineers and integrators responsible for the management and troubleshooting of the Extreme Networks Campus Fabric Connect switches and devices.

Student should good grasp of SPBM concepts and overall switch management. Students should have earned the certification ECS – Campus Fabric Deploy.

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:
  • Utilize VOSS specific tools for troubleshooting Fabric Connect.
  • Properly setup the management network and identify problems that may occur.
  • Identify a properly configured SPBM node and locate layer 1 and 2 issues.
  • Explain how to identifying and troubleshooting fabric service issues.

VSP Tools
  • Switch Boot and Image
  • Switch Logs
  • Key Health Indicators and Status
Switch Management and On-Boarding
  • OSS Segmented Management Config and Issues
  • Fabric Management using GRT and CLIP
  • Examining the Onboarding Proces
Link Configuration and Issues
  • GigabitEthernet Port Configuration
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol LLDP
Fabric Connect IS-IS/SPBM Infrastructure
  • IS-IS and SPBM Configuration Issue
  • Virtual Link Aggregation Control Protocol VLACP
  • VIST Core Switch Pair Config and Issue
Campus Fabric Services Troubleshooting
  • Layer 2 VSN Config and Issue
  • IP-Shortcuts Config and Issues
  • Layer 3 VSN Config and Issues
  • InterVSN Routing Config and Issue
  • IP Multicast Config and Issue
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