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DNS Guardian - CT-OEV-GUA


Efficient IP Training Courses Certification


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Via the hands-on training, the participants will acquire the knowledge to configure and use the DNS Guardian capabilities.

This course is identical to EfficientIP's course called CT-OEV-GUA

Duration: 2 days for on site class, 12 hours to 14 hours (depending on the chapters covered)

Attendance to the course «DNS Administrator» or «DDI+NetChange Configuration» or «DDI Standard Customer».

By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

• Configure the DNS Guardian

• Use the DNS Guardian capabilities to detect an attack and protect the DNS

• Analyse some scenarios of Attack

Module 1: DNS Guardian Description

• DNS Guardian description

• DNS Blast Series Description

• Guardian-enabled appliance installation

• Managing the Cache

• Filtering the queries via the lists of domains

• Identifying the clients

• Filtering the queries via the lists of clients

• Logging

• Miscellaneous features

Module 2: Adaptive Security in Motion

• Adaptive Security features overview

• DNS Guardian: DETECT

• DNS Guardian: PROTECT


• Logging

• Going further

• Integration with Cisco Umbrella

Module 3: Use Cases Analysis

• DNS Tunneling

• Data Exfiltration

• Denial of Service attacks

• Best Practices

• SERVFAIL Diff feature

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