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Use Case Workshop: Is My Network Configured Correctly


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In this workshop, you will work through a series of activities that focus on using Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise to determine whether your network policies are configured correctly and being enforced.

How you’ll benefit

In a lab environment, you will learn how to use:

  • Monitor remote access users
  • Detect unauthorized hosts in a bypass VLAN
  • Detect who is not using the Web Proxy

To complete this workshop, the following components must be installed and configured on your network:

  • Stealthwatch Release 7.0 or later
  • Stealthwatch Flow Collector
  • Integration with Firewall
  • Integration with Proxy/Nat Device
  • Integration with Proxy/Nat Device

After taking this course you should be able to

  • Explain how Customer Security Events (CSE) can be used.
  • Demonstrate how to implement relationship alarms.
  • Create, modify, and review host group and host group policies.
  • Create and modify flow searches.

The description for this course is currently being updated.
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