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Cisco Meeting Server Support - SMSS


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This instructor-led workshop focuses on supporting the Cisco Meeting Server in a Cisco Unified Communications environment. Delegates will configure and verify on-premise video conferencing features in a UC environment with end user devices such as Video Endpoints, Cisco IP Phones, Cisco Jabber client and software based (browser) WebRTC clients. There is a strong emphasis on lab oriented tasks for delegates to configure, verify and troubleshoot. The workshop runs as a ‘workshop’ environment where delegates can focus on specific areas of interest to them.

Duration: 2 days

Pricing is for mainland UK delivery only.

Indicative cost for EMEA delivery £POA

We can deliver the training in all the main European

Delegates should have previous experience with Cisco Unified Communications servers. It is recommended that delegates have attended a Cisco Unified Communications Manager workshop.

Introduction to Cisco Meeting Server Components and Features

Cisco Unified Communications Architecture Review

Preferred Architecture for Enterprise Collaboration


Personal Multiparty plus (PMP plus)

Shared Multiparty plus (SMP plus)

Managing the Cisco Meeting Server via the CLI

Managing the Cisco Meeting Server via the Web GUI

Managing the Cisco Meeting Server via the API

Cisco Meeting Server and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Integration

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Media Resources and Media Resource Group Lists

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Dial Plan

Powering On/Off the CMS Server

Introduction to VMWare

Verifying Cisco Meeting Server in VMWare

Managing Certificates:

Cisco Meeting Server

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Configure Trust Relationships in the Cisco Meeting Server

Standalone Cisco Meeting Server

Clustering Cisco Meeting Servers

Database Status and Verification

Load Balancing Conferences across Cisco Meeting Servers

Distributed Conferencing (Local/Remote)


User Profiles

LDAP Integration

Cisco Meeting Server Features:

Webbridge Server

Callbridge Server

Recording Server

Streaming Server

Cisco Meeting Server Features such as Profiles and CallBridge groups


Cisco Meeting Server Dial Plan (Rules)

HTTP Requests/Responses

Introduction to the Cisco Meeting Server API

API Objects

Object Hierarchy

Object Collections

URL Format for Addressing Objects

Accessing Cisco Meeting Server Objects via the API





Failure Reasons

Configuring the Cisco Meeting Server via the API

Creating Object Data

Retrieving Object Data

Changing Object Data

Deleting Object Data

Introduction to the Postman (Google Chrome) App:

Configuration Collections

Using Postman to Access Cisco Meeting Server Objects via the API

Retrieving Information e.g.

Active Calls


Detailed Information on an Individual User


Video/Audio Conferences e.g.:

Ad-hoc Conferences

Meeting Spaces

WebRTC (browser based clients)

Cisco Meeting App (CMA)

Cisco Meeting Server Integration with TMS

Schedule Conferences with TMS

Cisco Meeting Management (CMM)

CMS edge service in Expressway Unified Edge

Configuration Backup

Upgrading Software

Network Services e.g. DNS/NTP

Feature Verification and Testing

Basic Troubleshooting

Viewing Logs

Creating a Test Space

SIP Trunk Verification

Security considerations e.g. Firewall and Certificate Requirements

Additional topics may be added on request

Additional Information: This workshop runs as an open workshop in a flexible format based on the needs of the delegates. Alternatively, it can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific customer implementation and delivered to a closed group of delegates. Cisco Expressway security is covered in a separate workshop.

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