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Security Specialization for Account Managers Bootcamp - ASAEAM


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The Security Specialization helps the partner focus on customer business outcomes, threat-centric and zero-trust solutions and to make it easier for the partner to receive additional incentives on next-generation security solutions from Cisco.

This intensive bootcamp-style course will help attendees prepare for the ‘Security Architecture for Account Managers (ASAEAM 700-760) Pearson-Vue exam.


Channel Partner Account Managers (AM) and other customer-facing team members who are assigned to fulfil the AM requirements for the Cisco Express Security specialization.


1 day

The Security Architecture for Account Managers (ASAEAM 700-760) is a 90-minute exam for the required knowledge across the Cisco Security portfolio for a registered partner organization to obtain the Security specialization in the AM role.

To help attendees expeditiously prepare for success with this exam, this intensive bootcamp-style course will review the following key topic areas: -

Threat Landscape and Security Issues

  • Consider the role of digitization in cyber security
  • Solution fragmentation issues
  • The 8 attack vectors and solutions areas to mitigate
  • Common seller and customer obstacles

Why Sell Cisco Security

  • High-level overview of the Cisco Security Solutions Portfolio and how they align to customer business outcomes
  • Flexible purchasing models
  • Opportunity Incentive Program (OIP) overview

Navigating customer conversations

  • IoT layers and related complexity
  • Centralizing control through unified management
  • Web & Email security products
  • Cloud security products
  • Network security products
  • Advance Threat products
  • IoT security products
  • Use-cases examined

Competitive differentiators

  • Delivering the best value
  • Best of breed vs an integrated approach
  • The ideal security provider
  • Cisco’s resources & support

IoT Security

  • IoT customer conversations
  • IoT layers and related complexity
  • IoT use-cases
  • Competing priorities of IT and OT
  • How to secure IoT deployments with Cisco

Zero Trust Security

  • Limitations of traditional perimeter security
  • Changing the philosophy
  • Threat Centric vs. Trust Centric
  • Industry perspectives
  • Secure access areas considered
  • Reduce attack surface by segmentation
  • Tetration security posture and traffic analysis
  • Managing data access policy consistently
  • Remediating network, cloud, and endpoint threats

Securing Next Generation Networks

  • Legacy approaches and related risks
  • Critical network challenges
  • Starting at the Fabric level
  • ACI security
  • SD-WAN security
  • Visibility & Enforcement

Cisco Security Solutions Portfolio

  • Overview of the security solutions portfolio
  • Cisco Talos capabilities
  • Key advantages of the security solutions portfolio

Course Conclusion

  • Available sales tools and other resources
  • Partner Contacts
  • Practice exam questions
  • A review of exam best practices.

Finally, to take the ‘Security Architecture for Account Managers’ (ASAEAM 700-760) Pearson-Vue exam.

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