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Check Point Automation Specialist - CCAS


Check Point Training Courses Certification


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Check Point

Check Point Automation Specialist - CCAS


Virtual ILT

Language: English

CET UTC+01:00

Start date:28 Dec 2022 09:30
End date:29 Dec 2022 17:30
Duration:2 days

$ 1,800


This exciting new offering is a 2-day Specialist course which provides a comprehensive understanding of automation and the Check Point’s Management API architecture. It presents advanced concepts in subjects such as how to create and execute automated scripts to perform R80 Security Management tasks. Students will experience how to use a variety of methods to execute API commands and how to use automation tools to create a self-service portal to enhance their Check Point security solution.

The Check Point Automation Specialist course is the first of a series of Specialist-designated courses to be released. These courses serve to help build the student’s knowledge of Check Point products and services, and introduces emerging technologies and advanced concepts not covered in our core curriculum.

Check Point Automation Specialist course provides an understanding of the advanced concepts and skills necessary to automate and orchestrate tasks relating to managing Check Point Security Policies.

Check Point CCSA Certification or attended CCSA training.

  • Explain how automation and orchestration work together
  • Understand the key drivers for incorporating automation and orchestration into security management
  • Execute a shell script that demonstrates how to build a comprehensive Security Policy.
  • Recognize how the Check Point API framework integrates with R80 Security Management to support automation and orchestration of daily tasks
  • Describe Check Point API tools and demonstrate how they are used to manage Check Point Security Management solutions
  • Demonstrate how to define new objects and modify existing ones by using the Check Point API
  • Demonstrate how to create API commands to efficiently maintain the Check Point Security Management Server database
  • Demonstrate how to use different methods to update the database with API commands
  • Become familiar with client-side and server-side scripting and scripting languages
  • Understand how to use the Bash shell to develop APIs
  • Recognize and describe many of the open source tools that are available to assist with API development
  • Demonstrate how to use a custom REST application to update the database of a Security Management Server
  • Demonstrate how to use Postman to manage the Security Policy database through the Check Point API
  • Understand what steps to take to troubleshoot and debug API scripts
  • Demonstrate basic troubleshooting techniques by reviewing debugging messages in various forms
  • Understand how to use self-service portal capabilities to provide general IT services
  • Recognize how automation tools work with Check Point APIs to automate security management tasks and orchestrate workflow behind service portals
  • Demonstrate common tasks that are automated in a Web portal to manage the Security Policy

Course Topics

  • Introduction to automation and orchestration
  • Check Point APIs
  • API development
  • API troubleshooting
  • Self-service Web portals

Labs Exercises

  • Demonstrate Check Point automation and orchestration
  • Manage objects using the Check Point API
  • Create a management API shell script
  • Use a variety of methods to execute API commands
  • Use a custom REST tool for API calls
  • Use Postman for API calls
  • Debug the Check Point management API
  • Automate tasks using a Check Point API enabled Web portal
CCAS Check Point Certified Automation Specialist
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