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Deploy and Manage Your NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense - DEPLOY-OEX




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This hands-on course covers the initial deployment, administration, and management of a NETSCOUT® Arbor Edge Defense (AED) DDoS mitigation solution. You will learn how to complete the initial setup of an AED and configure it to protect your critical network resources against volumetric, state-exhaustion, and application-layer DDoS attacks. You will also learn the common system administration tasks related to a typical AED deployment.

NOTE: This course is also appropriate for anyone who has deployed Arbor’s Availability Protection System (APS).


Prerequisites & Audience

Completion of the following Arbor Security Academy on-demand courses is recommended:

• Introduction to DDoS

• Getting Started with Arbor Edge Defense (AED)

Course Benefits


• Install and configure an AED for initial operation

• Upgrade system software to the latest release

• Perform common system maintenance tasks, including scheduled backups and

system restore

Course Topics

Module 1: Initial Installation of Your AED

• Describe AED system characteristics and connectivity features

• Explain AED deployment options

• List the initial installation steps and perform the AED quick installation script

Module 2: Configuring Your AED Deployment

• Complete the general configuration and apply system licensing for your AED

• View and update your AED deployment mode and protection status

Module 3: Upgrading Your AED Software

• Detail the steps involved in upgrading AED system software

• Describe and use file management as it relates to software updates

Module 4: User Account Administration

• Manage user account authentication, group privileges, and user accounts

• Perform user account tasks such as creating a new user account and displaying user

account status

Module 5: Backing Up and Restoring Your AED

• Create a backup schedule for your AED

• Restore your AED from a backup file

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