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Commscope Ruckus Training Courses and Certification

Book accredited Commscope Ruckus training delivered by award winning trainers with real-world experience and hands on labs. We offer multiple languages and time zones.


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Authorized Training Partner

Westcon-Comstor Academy is an Authorized Training Partner for Ruckus across Europe and Sub Saharan Africa. 


ATC partners are regulated by CommScope Ruckus to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality learning experience. This mandates that our delivery utilizes vendor accredited courseware, qualified instructors offering real-world experience, the latest immersive digital labs and high-class facilities.

We deliver public and private instructor-led learning services, which can be delivered both face to face in a classroom, virtually online or a combination of the two. 


Authorized Training Partner (ATP)

Westcon-Comstor Academy resources

Westcon Commscope Ruckus instructors:

We have several certified instructors, based in numerous countries through Europe and Sub Saharan Africa. Delivery can be completed in English. For languages outside of our core offering, contact us.


Lab environment:

Our digital lab experience simulates real-life scenarios and provides learners with a safe environment to develop skills.


“My instructor had the ability and experience to be able to apply the training to real-life scenarios which is an excellent teaching method” – Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.


“The instructor summarized in a very simple way , so we could get familiar and start working since the very first moment of the training” – Oesia.

Commscope Ruckus Training Courses Certification

About Commscope Ruckus

Commscope Ruckus offers Switches, Wi-Fi access points, CBRS access points, Controllers, Management systems, Cloud management, AAA/BYOD software, AI and ML analytics software, location software and IoT controller software products to mobile carriers, broadband service providers, and corporate enterprises.


As a company, Commscope Ruckus invented and has patented wireless voice, video, and data technology, such as adaptive antenna arrays that extend signal range, increase data rates, and avoid interference, providing distribution of delay-sensitive content over standard 802.11 Wi-Fi.



Ruckus ICX Implementer (RICXI)

The Ruckus ICX Implementer (RICXI) Accreditation is designed for a general audience including but not limited to Ruckus sales personnel, system engineers, VARs, Ruckus Partners, network managers, support personnel, and company employees who wish to demonstrate a high-level understanding of Ruckus ICX products and how to implement them.


Ruckus ICX Implementer (RICXI)

Course: Ruckus ICX Implementer 150

Exam: Ruckus ICX Implementer (RICXI)




Ruckus Certified Networking Associate (RCNA)

As a Ruckus Certified Networking Associate, you must be able to design, deploy and manage Ruckus ICX routing and switching hardware and software in a production environment. This exam assesses your ability to administer, troubleshoot and optimize Ruckus ICX solutions.


Before attempting this certification exam, you should also have completed these recommended courses or have equivalent working knowledge of:

  • Ruckus ICX Implementer 150 and accreditation
  • Ruckus Routing and Switching Protocols


Ruckus Accredited SmartZone Administrator (RASZA)

Course : SmartZone Administrator 200 - RASZA200 Instructor Led 


Ruckus Accredited Cloudpath Administrator (RACPA)

Course : Cloudpath Adminstrator 200 - CPA 200 Instructor Led


Certified Wireless Netwok Administrator (CWNA)

Course : RUCKUS CWNA-107 Training or CWNP CWNA Training

For more information about Commscope Ruckus products, visit: www.westconcomstor.com