Introduction to Cisco Tetration Analytics™ Operations and Administration - TETOPS


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In this two-day course, Introduction to Cisco Tetration Analytics™ Operations and Administration, (TETOPS) will familiarize you and help you understand how The Cisco Tetration Analytics™ platform enables efficient datacenter operations by providing pervasive visibility, behavior-based application insight and migration to a zero-trust model.

The knowledge and skills that the learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Familiarity with Data Center Technology
  • Familiarity with Network operation
  • Understanding of basic network security

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to understand how Cisco Tetration AnalyticsTM:

  • Enables pervasive visibility of traffic across datacenter infrastructure
  • Uses long term data retention for forensics and analysis
  • Creates communication and dependencies for all applications within the datacenter
  • Empowers companies to get to a whitelist policy model
  • Identifies behavior deviation in real time
  • Performs forensics operations

Module 1: Tetration Overview

  • Defining and Positioning Cisco Tetration Analytics
  • Telemetry
  • Platform
  • Intent-Based Policy
  • Machine Learning
  • Network Performance Monitoring and other Use Cases

Module 2: Tetration Components

  • Architecture
  • Data Collection
  • Sensors and Agents
  • Flow Collectors
  • Analytics Engine
  • Open Access

Module 3: Operational Concepts

  • Scopes
  • Tenants
  • RBAC
  • Annotations

Module 4: Tetration Setup and Deployment Models

  • On Premise Options
  • SaaS
  • Tetration-V
  • Installation Procedure
  • Creating Scopes, Roles, and Users
  • Deploy Hardware Sensors
  • Deploy NetFlow Sensors
  • Deploy ERSPAN Sensors

Module 5: Software Agents

  • Software Agents Overview
  • Software Agents Features
  • Software Agents Configuration

Module 6: Application Dependency Mapping

  • Why ADM?
  • Tetration Application Insight
  • ADM Process
  • ADM Run Results

Module 7: Cisco Tetration Analytics Policy Enforcement Overview

Module 8: Cisco Tetration Flow Search

  • Results Filtered by Scope
  • Searching with Conjunctions
  • Flow Explore Integrated
  • User Annotations

Module 9: Tetration Policy Analysis

  • Enable Policy Analysis
  • Live Policy Analysis
  • Backdated Policy Experiments
  • Quick Policy Analysis

Module 10: Tetration Apps and API

  • App Store
  • User Apps
  • Visualize Data Sources
  • Bring your own Data
  • OpenAPI

Module 11: Tetration Ecosystem

  • Platform Integrations
  • ADCs
  • FW Management Tools
  • Phantom
  • InfoBlox
  • ServiceNow
  • Splunk
  • Turbonomic
  • Veeam
  • Corvil and Extra Hop