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Bespoke Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise Workshop - BUCCXW


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This advanced instructor-led workshop focuses on post installation administration, configuration, verification, and day to day management of Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise. The workshop content is tailored to the customer solution to provide an understanding of the customer configuration, scripts and call flows. Access to the customer Unified Contact Centre Enterprise is required for hands-on exercises. There is a strong emphasis on lab oriented tasks for delegates to configure and verify Unified Contact Centre Enterprise features of interest to them.

Objective: Provide the skills and knowledge necessary for day-to-day administration and management tasks of a Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise deployment. The focus will be on the administrative tasks required for adding, moving and changing agents as well as administering Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise messaging features. Delegates will learn how to create and modify Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise scripts.

Duration: 10 days

Pricing is for mainland UK delivery only.

Indicative cost for EMEA delivery £POA

We can deliver the training in all the main European

A basic knowledge of data and voice networks. Delegates do not require any previous experience with Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise.

IP Telephony and Call Centre Integration Overview.

Virtual Architecture and Running Servers in VMware (ESXi).

Introduction to the Unified Contact Centre Enterprise (UCCE) Solution.

Deployment Models used for Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise.

The Comprehensive Model.

Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise Architecture.

UCCE Components.

High Availability Deployments.

Managing Localization and Time Zone Support.

IP Telephony and Call Centre Call Flows.

Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise.

Unified Computing System (UCS) servers (Side A and B).

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Call Server.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Data Server.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)

Cisco Voice Portal (CVP)

Cisco Unified Intelligence Centre (CUIC)

Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise features.

Service Activation.

SIP trunks and Profiles.

Administration Interfaces and Tools.

UCCE Web based Administration.

Cisco Finesse Agent and Supervisor Roles.

Cisco Finesse Administrator Role.

User Privileges.

Add/Delete/Modify Users, Agents and Supervisors.

Assigning Agents to Call Centre Queues.

Verifying/Changing How Calls are Distributed from Call Centre Queues to Agents.

Configuring and Verifying Call Centre Resources (Agents and Supervisors).

Skills Based Resources and Teams.

Agent Reason/Wrap/Sign-Out Codes.

Phone Books.

Modifying the Agent Desktop Layout.

Precision Queuing.

Remote Desktop.

Assigning/Modifying Skills and Skill Levels to Agents.

Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise Supervisor Web Page.

Monitoring Agents.

CTI Route Point and CTI Ports.

Applications, Triggers and Call Centre Queues.

Prompts and Scripts.

UCCE Script Editor.

Creating and Modifying UCCE Scripts.

Routing and Admin Scripts.

Script Steps.

Scripting Variables, Expressions, Formulas and Functions.

Testing and Verifying UCCE Scripts.

Administrative Scripts e.g. Time of Day Routing

UCCE Microapps.

Advanced Scripting and Call Routing.


Basic VXML Functionality.

Outbound Dialing Campaigns.

Monitoring and Recording.

Agent Management.

Mobile Agents.

Agent Greeting.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Integration and Configuration.

Cisco Voice Portal (CVP) Integration and Configuration.

CVP Components.

Scripting for CVP.

CVP Call Studio.

Courtesy Callback.

Media Server and Media File

VXML Gateways.

Cisco CUIC Reporting.

CUIC users and security settings.

Generating and Scheduling Stock Reports.

Historical and Real Time Reports.

CUIC Dashboards.

Tailoring Reports.

Introduction to Cisco IOS Enterprise Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) Gateway.

UCCE Troubleshooting.

Diagnostic Framework Suite.

Log files.

Trace Files.


Additional Troubleshooting Resources.

Serviceability, Administration, Reports & Troubleshooting.

Real Time Monitoring Tool.

Additional topics may be added on request.

Additional Information: This course runs as an open course in a flexible format based on the needs of the delegates. It is tailored to meet the needs of a specific customer implementation and delivered to a closed group of delegates using the customer UCCE equipment.