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Core DDI Product
Level 1: Core DDI Basic Configuration (CDBC)
Level 2: Core DDI Intermediate Configuration (CDIC)
Level 3: Core DDI Advanced Troubleshooting (CDAT)
Secure DNS Product
Level 1: DNS Firewall Basic Configuration (DFBC)
Network Automation Product
Level 1: Network Automation Basic Configuration (NABC)
Level 2: Network Automation CCS Scripting (NACS

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Develop a working knowledge of configuring and managing the Infoblox DNS Firewall solution. Understand the steps required to enable DNS Firewall. Learn how to create a local response policy zone (RPZ) and create and manage Block and Substitute Domain and IP address rules and Substitute record rules. Know how to validate your configured DNS Firewall solution is operating as desired.
Understand the Infoblox support process and tools available to assist your Core DDI troubleshooting efforts. Learn to build and troubleshoot high availability (HA) pairs and Grids. Study common root cause analysis and resolution strategies and techniques for network connectivity and DNS and DHCP issues. Use a case-study approach to apply your learnings to real-life failure scenarios and recovery methods.
This hands-on course builds a working knowledge of how to configure and manage Infoblox network appliances running the Infoblox NIOS operating system. Forward and reverse mapping zones, network and zone creation, DNS Anycast, DHCP ranges, fixed addresses, Grid management, system and protocol level monitoring, and system level management are all covered.
Develop an advanced working knowledge of configuring and managing Infoblox network appliances running NIOS. Understand external authentication, TSIG and GSS-TSIG, and implementing DNSSEC and Anycast services. Learn Dynamic DNS and how it functions with DNS/DHCP and DHCP option 81. Implement DHCP custom options and failover. Implement reporting and understand multi-grid management.
Develop a working knowledge of configuring and managing Infoblox network appliances running Network Automation. Understand automated collection of network device configuration information over SNMP and SSH. Lean how to use the collected information for configuration and change management, network policy management (building from an extensive built-in list of established rules and policies) and automated compliance checks and reports, as well as the general configuration and reporting features available in the Network Automation product.
A special condensed class for experienced Core DDI users preparing to implement Infoblox Secure DNS.
Establish a basic working knowledge of how to configure and manage Infoblox as a perquisite to implementing infoblox Secure DNS products. Learn how to configure and manage the DNS protocol, including: forward and reverse mapping DNS zones and DNS views