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AWS Cloud Ready Hackathon: Running Cloud Workloads with Kubernetes - AWSHRWK


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The Cloud Ready Hackathon prepares the engineers of all flavours for cloud-native development and deployment. It's focus is to give attendees a hands-on experience of working with Linux, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, popular DevOps tools such as GitHub Actions, Jenkins and Terraform. Attendees will work in teams completing a set of gated challenges that will take them on a journey to becoming the stars of today's modern, cloud-native application world.

Intermediate experience with Kubernetes. Intermediate experience with cloud platforms (Azure)

This Hackathon encompasses the modern software development toolbox – from source control, across testing tools to continuous integration and deployment. Each engineer working with software needs to have experience with these to be successful in the modern, cloud-native world.

Cloud Ready Hackathon builds on the concept of learning-by-doing in a highly interactive environment. Solving the real world problem without being told directly what to do will enable attendees to apply acquired skills immediately on their job


The challenges are connected – each of them builds on top of the previous one. The attendees will be given a repo containing the source code of the demo application consisting of several microservices developed using node.js. This application will be used throughout the Bootcamp, and each challenge will present a piece of the puzzle towards the story of continuous delivery into the Kubernetes environment. Challenges are briefly described below:

Challenge 1: Coding the infrastructure

  • Introduction to Terraform. Creating the infrastructure-as-code scripts for deploying the K8s and other services on Azure.

Challenge 2: What's up with my application?

  • Implementing monitoring solution leveraging Prometheus and Graphana. Deploying a "dirty" application and monitoring the status of the cluster. Implementing resource limitations for containers. Implementing alerting.

Challenge 3: Now, let's mesh it up!

  • Introduction of Istio as service mesh platform for Kubernetes. Implementing advanced microservices scenarios (advanced routing, retries with exponential backoff, circuit breaker, health checks, mutual TLS, …). Canary deployment.