Trend Micro Certified Professional Officescan v11.0

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Course Outline
The Trend Micro Certified Professional designation for Complete User Protection is intended for consultants who work with Endpoint Security solutions in enterprise environments. Successful candidates demonstrate the knowledge necessary to successfully install, deploy, scale, and manage Trend Micro products.
Prerequisites & Audience

Trend Micro recommends that you have a good working knowledge of OfficeScan administration, Trend Micro products and services as well as basic networking concepts and principles. You should also have a working knowledge of the following products:
• Windows 2003/2008 Servers & Clients
• Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)


• Enable debug functions for different OfficeScan Components.
• Understand debug logs and become familiar with how logs appear when the product is functioning properly. This facilitates identification of log entries that are the result of problems.
• Design implantation solutions for various network conditions, organizational structures, administrative preferences, and management plans.
• Use debugging tools to troubleshoot common problems in OfficeScan.
Course Objectives
In this course, you will learn how OfficeScan 10.6 works. This course provides information about the product architecture, internal processes, how it addresses threats on the desktop, and troubleshooting information that a technical support engineer would need to know to support the product.
Course Topics
OSCE Overview

• OfficeScan Introduction
• Changes in this Release
• GM Build Information
• Architecture overview

Communication and Administration

• Client-to-server Communication
• Management Console Communication
• Ports Used
• Console Access using Active Directory Accounts
• Active Directory Integration
• Roles
• Compliance Reports
• Outside Server Management
• Client Grouping
• Client Settings
• Roaming Clients
• Troubleshooting


• Smart Protection Network
• Traditional Virus Protection
• Spyware/Grayware Protection
• File Reputation
• Firewalls Protection
• Web Threat Protection
• Unauthorized Change Protection
• Unauthorized Device Access Protection
• Data Protection
• Troubleshooting


• ActiveUpdate Overview
• Incremental Update
• Site Duplication
• Smart Duplication
• Downloading and Deploying Updates
• Duplication Methods
• Update Sources
• Update Agents
• Rollback
• Troubleshooting
Trend Micro Certified Security Master (TCSM)
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Classroom Dates

Startdatum Enddatum Ort Sprache Status Preis Learning Credits
19 Sep 2017 21 Sep 2017 Asnieres-sur-Seine,
fr Offen €2,100.00
25 Sep 2017 27 Sep 2017 Houten,
en Garantietermin €1,850.00
14 Nov 2017 16 Nov 2017 Mexico,
en Garantietermin €1,692.00
29 Nov 2017 01 Dec 2017 Vilvoorde,
en Offen €1,850.00

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