F5 Configuring BIG-IP Viprion

Hersteller: F5 Networks
Course Outline
This course provides network professionals with a functional understanding of the BIG-IP VIPRION chassis platform. This course includes an overview of chassis platforms, hardware options, Clustered Multi-Processing (CMP) and virtual CMP (vCMP) deployment options. This course includes lectures, demonstrations, hands-on labs and discussions.
Prerequisites & Audience
Students should be familiar with the BIG-IP LTM system and, in particular, how to setup and configure a BIG-IP LTM system, including virtual servers, pools, profiles, VLANs and self-IPs.

Students are required to complete one of the following F5 prerequisites before attending this course:

• Administering BIG-IP V11 instructor-led course
• F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator

In addition, the following web-based courses will be very helpful for any student with limited BIG-IP LTM administration and configuration:

• Getting Started with BIG-IP web-based training
• Getting Started with BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) web-based training

Students should understand:

• TMOS administration
• Network concepts and configuration

Target Audience
This course is intended for network operators, network administrators, network engineers, and network architects responsible for installation, setup, configuration, and administration of the BIG-IP VIPRION system. The student can also benefit from attending Configuring BIG-IP LTM course and several months experience configuring the BIG-IP LTM product before attending this course.
Course Objectives
By course completion, the student should be able to identify various VIPRION chassis and hardware options, perform an initial configuration of the BIG-IP VIPRION system, and configure vCMP host and guests. Additionally, the student should be able to monitor, administer, and perform basic troubleshooting tasks on traffic processed by the BIG-IP VIPRION System.
Course Topics
Topics covered in this course include:

• Installation, license and setup of the BIG-IP VIPRION system
• VIPRION chassis and blade hardware options overview
• Clustered Multi-Processing (CMP)
• Configuring virtual CMP (vCMP) host and guests
• High-Availability with vCMP and non-vCMP systems
• Hardware maintenance and basic troubleshooting
• Lab projects
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Classroom Dates

Startdatum Enddatum Ort Sprache Status Preis Learning Credits
01 Oct 2017 01 Oct 2017 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
en Offen €1,118.60
14 Nov 2017 14 Nov 2017 Jukskei View,
South Africa
en Offen €738.84
29 Nov 2017 29 Nov 2017 Cairo,
en Offen €1,118.60
08 Jan 2018 08 Jan 2018 Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia
en Offen €1,118.60
05 Feb 2018 05 Feb 2018 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
en Offen €1,118.60
14 Feb 2018 14 Feb 2018 Jukskei View,
South Africa
en Garantietermin €813.10
15 Mar 2018 15 Mar 2018 Cairo,
en Offen €1,118.60
16 Mar 2018 16 Mar 2018 Asnieres-sur-Seine,
fr Offen €850.00
21 May 2018 21 May 2018 Jukskei View,
South Africa
en Offen €813.10
20 Aug 2018 20 Aug 2018 Jukskei View,
South Africa
en Offen €813.10
28 Sep 2018 28 Sep 2018 Asnieres-sur-Seine,
fr Offen €850.00
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