F5 Configuring BIG-IP AFM: Advanced Firewall Manager (V13.1)

Vendor: F5 Networks
Course Outline
This course uses lectures and hands-on exercises to give participants real-time experience in setting up and configuring the BIG-IP® Advanced Firewall Manager system. Students are introduced to the AFM user interface, stepping through various options that demonstrate how AFM is configured to build a network firewall and to detect and protect against DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. Reporting and log facilities are also explained and used in the course labs. Further Firewall functionality and additional DoS facilities for DNS and SIP traffic are discussed.
Prerequisites & Audience

Students should be familiar with the BIG-IP LTM system and, in particular, how to setup and configure a BIG-IP LTM system, including virtual servers, pools, profiles, VLANs and self-IPs.

Students are required to complete one of the following F5 prerequisites before attending this course:

Administering BIG-IP instructor-led course

F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator

In addition, the following web-based courses will be very helpful for any student with limited BIG-IP LTM administration and configuration:

Getting Started with BIG-IP web-based training

Getting Started with BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) web-based training

Students should understand:

TMOS administration

Network concepts and configuration

Security concepts and terminology

DNS configuration and resolution

Course Objectives

- Configure and manage an AFM system

- Configure AFM Network Firewall in a positive or negative security model

- Configure Network Firewall to allow or deny network traffic using rules

- Prebuild firewall rules using lists and schedule components

- Enforce firewall rules immediately or test them using policy staging

- NEW - Use Packet Tester and Flow Inspector features to check network connections against your security configurations for Network Firewall, I IP intelligence and DoS features

- Configure various IP Intelligence features to identify, record, allow or deny access by IP address

- Configure the Device DoS detection and mitigation feature to protect the BIG-IP device and all applications from multiple types of attack vectors

- Configure DoS detection and mitigation on a per-profile basic to protect specific applications from attack

- Use DoS Dynamic Signatures to automatically protect the system from DoS attacks based on long term traffic and resource load patterns

- Configure and use the AFM local and remote log facilities

- Configure and monitor AFM’s status with various reporting facilities

- Export AFM system reports to your external monitoring system directly or via scheduled mail

- Allow chosen traffic to bypass DoS checks using Whitelists

- Isolate potentially bad clients from good using the Sweep Flood feature

- Isolate and re-route potentially bad network traffic for further inspection using IP Intelligence Shun functionality

- Restrict and report on certain types of DNS requests using DNS Firewall

- Configure, mitigate, and report on DNS based DoS attacks with the DNS DoS facility

- Configure, mitigate, and report on SIP based DoS attacks with the SIP DoS facility

- Build Network Firewall rules using BIG-IP iRules

- Configure, block, and report on the misuse of system services and ports using the Port Misuse feature

- NEW - Detect, mitigate, and report on violations of various network protocols and well-known attack traffic signatures using the Intrusion Protection System feature

- Be able to monitor and do initial troubleshooting of various AFM functionality

Course Topics

Topics covered in this course include:

- Configuration and management of the BIG-IP AFM system

- AFM Network Firewall concepts

- Network firewall options and modes

- Network firewall rules, policies, address/port lists, rule lists and schedules

- IP Intelligence facilities of dynamic black and white lists, IP reputation database and dynamic IP shunning.

- Detection and mitigation of DoS attacks

- Event logging of firewall rules and DoS attacks

- Reporting and notification facilities

- DoS Whitelists

- DoS Sweep/Flood

- DNS Firewall and DNS DoS


- Network Firewall iRules

- Port Misuse

- NEW - Intrusion Protection System

- Various AFM component troubleshooting commands

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Classroom Dates

Start Date End Date Location Language Status Price Learning Credits
Available in classroom and online. 05 Nov 2018 06 Nov 2018 Houten,
en Open $1,902.93
07 Nov 2018 08 Nov 2018 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
en Open $1,990.00
03 Dec 2018 04 Dec 2018 Jukskei View,
South Africa
en Open $1,283.33
09 Dec 2018 10 Dec 2018 Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia
en Open $1,990.00
17 Mar 2019 18 Mar 2019 Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
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23 Apr 2019 24 Apr 2019 Asnieres-sur-Seine,
fr Open $2,147.51
01 Oct 2019 02 Oct 2019 Asnieres-sur-Seine,
fr Open $2,147.51

Virtual Classroom

Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Language Status Price Learning Credits
05 Nov 2018 06 Nov 2018 11:00 AM
(9:00 AM CET)
19:00 PM
(5:00 PM CET)
en Open $1,902.93

On Demand Training

This course is available as an onsite, closed course and can be delivered at your premises. This may be a cost effective option where you have a group of delegates who require the same training. Additionally, it has the benefit that course content can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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